Industrial Air Compressors – Electronic Auto Drain, Air Line Piping, Compressor Service, Downstream

Air compressors can easily generate a build-up of pollutants and dangerous condensation due to the high-temperatures the machine generates during use. Operators need to remember to empty the compressor drain to or risk damaging the unit over time. An air compressor auto drain automatically ejects these materials from the machine without user intervention, making...


Toronto Kuri Tec Hose | Brampton Push on Hose – Mississauga Industrial Hose Supplier

Looking for a KuriTec Hose and Push On Hose – Industrial Hose supplier in Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga, Ontario? Compressed Fluid Power Services Ltd. is here to serve you: Kuri Tec Hose Kuri Tec is a top notch brand that offer quality industrial hoses and accessories. The product range include Kuri Tec® Thermoplastic Hose...

Toronto Air Line Piping

Toronto Air Line Piping | Industrial Compressor Service | Downstream Supplies

At CFPSLTD., we combine legendary performance and reliability that can help you plan and install a new compressed air piping system or assess your existing system. For lower cost, higher performance, easier installation, and less maintenance than systems made of competing materials, please feel free to contact us. Compressed Air Piping Systems A compressed...

Toronto Electronic Auto Drain

Toronto Air Compressors | Industrial Compressors Supply | Electronic Auto Drain

If you are looking to purchase or service industrial air compressor units and related products in Toronto – GTA. Please contact us. We are your no#1 supplier of Compressed Air Systems, Compressors, Downstream, Filteration and Dryers. Electronic Auto Drain An electronic drain valve which automatically discharges condensate at predetermined intervals, every X minutes for...

Toronto Hydraulic Motor

Brampton Hydraulic Supplier | Industrial Hydraulic Supplies | Hydraulic Motor | Hydraulic Power Unit

Looking to get Hydraulic Supplies in Toronto – GTA? Look no further, because at Compressed Fluid Power Services Ltd. (CFPSLTD), we regularly sell and service hydraulic equipment and supplies. If you want to work with professional hydraulic supplier near you, call us now! Hydraulic Motor A hydraulic motor is a mechanical actuator that converts...

Toronto Hydraulic Pump

Toronto Hydraulic Supplies | Industrial Hydraulic Supplier | Hydraulic Ball Valve | Hydraulic pump

Compressed Fluid Power Services Ltd. (CFPSLTD) has been selling and servicing industrial clients who use hydraulic supplies on a regular basis. We repair, reconditioning, and overhaul of leading brands of hydraulic components, including cylinders, motors, pumps, valves, and power units. If you are looking for hydraulic supplies in Toronto – GTA, especially in Mississauga,...

Foot Valve & Strainer

Toronto Industrial Hose Supplier | Cam Clamp | Groove Clamp | Foot Valve & Strainer

Compressed Fluid Power Services Ltd. (CFPSLTD) is a leading supplier of industrial hose in the Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton, Ontario. We sell quality industrial hoses that are durable and long lasting. We offer a full range of industrial hoses and accessories such as Hose Clamps, Hose Barb Fitting, Gear Clamp, Band Clamp, Cam &...